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II 1    yatha yam svavikalpottha svavikalpa pariksayat ksiyate dagdha samsaro nihsara iti niscayah (33)
Visvamitra said:
O Rama, you are indeed the foremost among the wise, and there is really nothing further for you to know.
However, your knowledge needs confirmation, even as the self-knowledge of Suka needed confirmation from Janaka before Suka could find the peace that passeth understanding.
Rama asked:
Holy one!
Pray tell me how it was that Suka did not find peace in spite of his knowledge, and how he found it later.
Visvamitra said:
Listen, O Rama.
I shall duly narrate to you this soul-uplifting story of the born-sage Suka, the son of Vedavyasa who is now seated next to your father.
Just like you, Suka also arrived at the truth concerning existence after deep contemplation of the evanescence of this world.
Yet, because it was self-acquired knowledge, he could not positively affirm to himself "this is the truth".
He had of course arrived at the state of extreme and supreme dispassion.
One day, this Suka approached his father Vedavyasa and asked him:
"Sir, how did this diversity of world-creation come into being; and how will it come to an end?"
Vedavyasa gave a detailed answer to this question, but Suka thought 'All this I knew already; what is new in this?' and was not impressed.
Vedavyasa also sensed this, and hence he said to Suka:
"My son, I do not know anything more than this; but there is the royal sage Janaka on earth who knows more than this.
Kindly approach him."
Suka thereupon came to Janaka's palace.
Informed by the palace guards of the young Suka's arrival, Janaka ignored him for a week while Suka patiently waited outside.
The next week Janaka had Suka brought into the palace and waited upon by dancers and musicians.
Suka was unmoved by this, too.
After this, Suka was ushered into the royal presence, and Janaka said: "You know the truth: what else shall I tell you now."
Suka repeated the question he had asked his father, and Janaka too gave him the answer his father had given.
Suka said:
"I knew this, my father told me this, the scriptures also affirm this, and now you declare the truth, and that is -
this diversity arises on account of mental modifications and it will cease when they cease."
Thus when his self-knowledge had been confirmed, Suka attained peace and remained in nirvikalpa samadhi.
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