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VI.1 29    te desas te janapadas ta digas te ca parvatah tvad anusmaranaikantadhiyo yatra sthita janah (109)
Vasistha continued:
There is the abode of lord Siva known as Kailasa.
I lived there for some time, worshipping lord Siva and practising austerities.
I was surrounded by the perfected sages in whose company I used to discuss the truths of the scriptures.
One evening I was engaged in the worship of lord Siva.
The entire atmosphere was filled with peace and silence.
In that forest the darkness was so dense that it appeared to be solid enough to be cut with a sword.
At that time I saw a great light in the forest.
With the external sight I saw that light and with my insight I enquired into its nature.
I saw that it was lord Siva himself who was walking along holding his consort Parvati with one hand.
In front of him walked his vehicle Nandi, making way for the Lord.
I made the divine presence known to the disciples assembled around me and proceeded to where the lord was.
I saluted the Lord and offered him due worship.
I remained for a considerable time feasting my eyes on the divine vision.
Lord Siva then said to me:
"Is your austerity proceeding satisfactorily, without any obstacles?
Have you attained that which is worthy of attainment and have your internal fears ceased?"
In response, I said to the Lord:
"Supreme Lord, they who are fortunate to be devoted to thee, find nothing difficult of attainment and they do not experience fear at all.
Everyone in the world salutes and prostrates to those who are devoted to you and who constantly remember you.
*Only they are countries, they are cities, they are directions and mountains, where people who are solely and wholeheartedly devoted to you dwell.
Your remembrance is the fruit of merits acquired in the past births and it is also the guarantee of still more blessedness in the future.
Your constant remembrance, O Lord, is like the pot of nectar and is the ever-open door to liberation.
Lord, wearing the precious and radiant jewel of your remembrance, I have trampled under foot all the calamities that might otherwise torment me in the future.
Lord, though by your grace I have reached the state of self-fulfilment, I am eager to know more about one thing.
Pray enlighten me.
What is the method of worshipping the Lord which destroys all sins and promotes all auspiciousness?"
*Only they deserve to be taken notice of as countries, cities, etc., where the Lord's devotees dwell.
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