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July 1
sectionKiskandha Kandamchapter41
tatah prasthapya sugrivas tan mahad vanaram balam
daksinam presayamasa vanaran abhilaksitan (1)
To search for Sita in the southern region, Sugriva hand-picked the best of the vanaras.
Nila, son of Agni, Hanuman, the son of Vayu, the supremely mighty Jambavan (son of the grandfather), and many other mighty vanaras were chosen to constitute this party.
He appointed Angada, the son of Vali, and the prince regent himself as the commander of the vanara forces that constituted this search party.
In his briefing, Sugriva specially mentioned those places which were difficult of access.
He said:
"Start with the Vindhya mountains, and the plains of the rivers Narmada, Krsna, Godavari, and Varada.
Thoroughly search the regions of Mekhala, Utkala, Vidarbha, Vanga, Kalinga, Andhra, Cola, Pandya, and Kerala.
Then proceed to the Malaya mountains, with the blessings of the sage Agastya whom you will see there.
Proceed from there to the golden gated city of the Pandyas, whose city walls are studded with precious stones.
Between the city and the hermitage of Agastya is the Mahendra mountain, which is full of gold, and which Agastya sank into the ocean.
Indra himself visits this mountain every fortnight.
Beyond this is the inaccessible island which is eight hundred miles wide; it is inaccessible to human beings.
Search this island carefully.
Surely, that is the territory of the powerful Ravana who deserves to be killed.
Before you leave that territory, make sure that Sita is not there; do not leave anything in doubt.
Eight hundred miles beyond that island in the ocean is the partly submerged island Puspitaka, with its high mountains resembling gold and silver.
One hundred and twelve miles beyond Puspitaka is the mountain Suryavan, beyond that Vaidyuta, and beyond that the mountain Kunjara, where the sage Agastya has a hermitage, which is eighty miles broad, eighty miles high, made of gold and precious gems.
There exists the abode of serpents known as Bhogavati.
Search this most dreadful place carefully.
Search the mountain beyond this, known as Risabha.
Beyond that is the world of the manes; do not go there.
Wherever you go, search for Sita carefully.
Whoever returns first in a month and says Sita has been discovered will enjoy luxuries equal to mine, for he will be most dear to me."


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