The universe is an extensive and prolonged "dream" of God. Even as during the course of our own dream the dream-objects are indeed real, the objects of this universe seem to be real to us.
The Song of God
In order to understand the religious importance of prayer, it is essential that we should become aware of the nature of the three elements in prayer: who it is that prays, to whom the prayer is addressed and what the motivation is and therefore what the prayer is. One who endeavours to find an answer to these three questions enters into the state of prayer which is deep meditation.
Insights and Inspirations
Fire does not look for a hot water bottle; confirmation of warmth is not necessary. The heart in which love shines, which is aware of itself without being aware of the other, with no necessity for that love to flow towards another in a dualistic relationship, that heart is unselfish and divine.
The Venkatesa Diary
Swami Venkatesananda
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